Blood Pressure Self Monitoring


One in three American adults has high blood pressure, which puts them at risk for stroke and heart disease, two of the leading causes of death in the U.S.

In response to this critical health issue, YMCA’s Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring (BPSM) program offers personalized support as participants develop the habit of monitoring their blood pressure. Research shows that the process of recording blood pressure at least twice a month over a period of four months can lower blood pressure in many people with high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring is one part of Y-USA’s suite of evidence-based chronic disease prevention programs. Since 2005, the Y has worked to become a leading provider of chronic disease prevention programs to communities across the U.S.

Participants will:

  • Take and record their blood pressure at least two times per month
  • Attend two consultations a month with a Healthy Heart Ambassador
  • Attend monthly nutrition education seminars
  • Receive a free blood pressure cuff

Wilkes-Barre Info

Pittston Info

Please call:
570-823-2191 x5012


Please call:
570-823-2191 x5012


BPSM nutrition education programs are a series of 4 seminars based on the DASH diet: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, a diet based on federal research to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The series is open to anyone who wants to learn more about a diet that can lower high blood pressure and reduce blood lipid levels. You do not have to be enrolled in BPSM to attend the nutrition education seminars but are welcomed to enroll for free at anytime if interested.

There will be small door prizes to award attendance! To enroll for the nutrition education series, email [email protected], or call 570-970-5012.


To join the program for free and receive a complimentary blood pressure screening with information about the implications of your blood pressure measurement please call 570-970-5012 or email us at [email protected]Enrollment gifts and healthy meal ideas available to those who qualify!