Technology Basics for Seniors

Recorded Education Series

Topic: Getting familiar using Zoom for video calls

Learn how to operate the zoom software we’ll be using and its technology features. Feel confident returning each week for more education with us but also be ready to use zoom for anything online such as family game nights, telehealth and more! View recording here.

Topic: Smartphone basics

Learn all about your smartphone. This presentation will prepare you for upcoming education. You will know were to locate and launch the program based on the topic at hand such as text messaging and emails. View recording here.

Topic: How to text

Learn how to text and how to text better. This includes adding contacts, how and when to sign up for text alerts, inserting emojis (those cute little smily faces) and so much more. We also teach you how to send, receive and save your favorite pictures. View recording here.

Topic: Using emails part 1

We will discuss the basics of using emails on a mobile device. You will learn how locate and open the email app, receive and view emails, create subjects and send emails. View recording here.

Topic: Using emails part 2

We will learn more about emails and  discuss how to send more complex emails such as sending files, photos, and videos. View recording here.

Topic: Using emails part 3

For our final presentation learn how to be smart with your email account. We will show you how to avoid getting spam emails and more importantly how to recognize spam emails. You will also learn how to organize your emails, how to send certain incoming messages to spam and block others. Please note due to the topic, this presentation will be a bit longer than previous presentations. View recording here.

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