Camp Day Visit Class Descriptions + Fees

Outdoor Education Day Visits

Nestled in the Poconos at the base of Mount Yeager, YMCA Camp Kresge is the ideal location for your field trip. Founded in 1953, our facility encompasses 1,100 forested acres including our very own 25 acre Beaver Lake. All programs are tied to educational objectives for the state of Pennsylvania, and are designed to enhance what the students are already learning in school. Being a YMCA camp, we focus our programs around the four core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. Coming to camp is an experience that gives students hands-on learning with nature and memories that last a lifetime.

Outdoor Education/Science Classes

Amazing Animals

By playing different games, students will gain a better understanding of predator-prey relationships. Students will also learn about local animals that live in the area and their physical and behavioral characteristics which help them to survive in their habitat. Grades K-2.

Animal Adaptations

Through hands-on activities and games, students immerse themselves in the life of an animal. Students will understand the difference between physical and behavioral adaptations, the importance of biodiversity, as well as how human impact can influence change in the natural world. Grades 3rd-6th.


Students will learn the parts of the bow and arrow. They will work on the skills of focus and aim. Most of the class will be spent shooting a bow and arrow at our archery range. Grades 3rd-12th.

Beaver Lake Study

With nets in hand, students will look for signs of life at Beaver Lake. Insect and aquatic life cycles will be explained. By using their discoveries found in the lake and performing simple chemical tests (7th-8th grade), students will assess the health of our lake. Grades K-8th. Available April-September.

Beaver Tales

After learning about the physical features of beavers, students will walk around camp looking for signs of these animals and be able to see their home. Grades K-2.


Students will learn basic water safety and boat terminology. While wearing a PFD, students will practice paddling around Beaver Lake. Boating Certified Instructor and equipment provided. Grades 5th-12th.

Discovery Hike

While on a hike through the woods, students will find the hidden treasures of nature by turning over logs, rocks and searching on the forest floor. Students will inventory their findings and learn its role in the environment. Interconnection between producers, consumers and decomposers will be discussed. Grades 3rd-8th.

For the Birds

During class, students will learn about the unique characteristics of birds, their nests, and why some migrate. Then they will walk around camp looking for birds and signs of their activity. Grades K-2.

Forest Ecology

Students study parts of a tree, how it photosynthesizes, and will complete a forest survey comparing different locations at camp. Grades 3rd-8th.

Hike to Beaver Lodge

During a walk to the beaver lodge, students will learn all about one of our important residents here at Camp Kresge, the beaver. Physical and behavioral adaptations of beavers will be discussed, as well as why they build dams and what effect it has on the local environment. Grades 3rd-6th.

Into the Forest

Students will go for a scavenger hunt, using 4 of their 5 senses to explore nature. The 5 senses will also be discussed on how they relate to different kinds of animals. Grades K-2.

Owl Pellets

Students will learn about the characteristics of birds of prey, what makes owls unique and why they produce pellets. The rest of class, students will dissect an owl pellet with a partner. Owl pellet cost per student $4.00. Grades 3rd-6th.

Tree-mendous Trees

During class, students complete activities that will teach them about the 4 things trees need to survive, its life cycle, how each tree part works together to make its own food, and why various animals and plants depend on trees. Grades K-2.


Outdoor Adventure/Team Building Classes

The Beast

This game is all about communication. Much like a big game of telephone, a group will need to communicate clearly what the “Beast” looks like to their teammates on the other side of camp to rebuild the beast. This is a fun, active game with a positive message. Grades 5th-12th.


Given a collection of supplies, students work together in small groups to build a catapult that will launch a stuffed animal as far as possible. They will also create an advertisement to sell their product. Grades 4th-12th.

Climbing Tower

Build self-confidence and group support skills on our 30 foot climbing tower. Students will be wearing a harness and helmet while a trained staff member belays them up the tower with an attached climbing rope. Grades 3rd-12th.

Group Games

Have your students run off some steam by playing outdoor games. Games can also have team building or nature focus. Grades 3rd-6th.

High Ropes

Our newly redesigned high ropes course features 2 height levels: 20 and 30 feet. Wearing a harness and helmet, participants will traverse the course while on a continuous belay system. Students will have the opportunity to do one entire course level. The high ropes course will require a longer time block to complete. Grades 7th-12th.


Enjoy our 1,100 acre property with a hike on one of our many trails through the forest. Hike locations are dependent on time restraints and latest weather conditions. Grades 5th-12th.

Team Building

Students work together to solve fun and interesting challenges. The importance of cooperation, listening, participation, and encouragement are stressed. Students will solve problems through initiatives and our team building course. Activities geared for age and experience. Grades 4th-12th.

Additional Fees apply for the following activities:

  • High Ropes Course, Leap of Faith, or Zip Line – 2 hours, $150 per group of 15
  • Lunch – $5 per person

Sample Day Visit Schedule (3 Classes):

  • 9:30 AM – Arrive at YMCA Camp Kresge
  • 9:35 AM – Welcome/Orientation in Pavilion
  • 9:45-10:45 AM – Class #1
  • 10:45-11:45 AM – Class #2
  • 11:45-12:45 PM – Lunch
  • 12:45-1:45 PM – Class #3
  • 2:00 PM – Departure

The schedule times can be tailored to fit your group’s needs and travel times. We can accommodate up to 100 students per visit. Typical trail group size is 15-18 students with a class lasting 1 hour. Students can bring their own sack lunch or lunch can be provided for a small fee.

YMCA Camp Kresge will adhere to any school Covid Safety Protocols that are in effect for trips. Hand washing and sanitizer stations are available and utilized before and after meals/classes.

Blue Sky sponsored field trips available upon request.

To find out more, please contact:

Courtney Sminkey

Outdoor Education Director

YMCA Camp Kresge

(A) 382 Camp Kresge Lane, White Haven, PA 18661

(P) 570 443 2267 x303

(E) [email protected]