Wyoming Valley Y Child Abuse Statement

Wyoming Valley Y Child Abuse Statement


As an organization, we have taken the following actions to keep kids safe in our Y facilities, camps and programs and maintain the reputation of safety we have built during our 175-year history.


How We Create Safe Spaces for all Children that attend any and all programs at any of our Wyoming Valley Y Locations  

The Wyoming Valley Y is required to implement child sexual abuse prevention practices and policies to remain a member in good standing with the National Council of YMCAs. These requirements include:

  • Completing a child abuse prevention self-assessment, administered by a Y-USA–approved vendor, at least every two (2) years
  • Having a policy that requires criminal background checks for staff and volunteers
  • Providing and requiring training for staff and volunteers on preventing and responding to child abuse
  • Requiring staff and volunteers to report child abuse in accordance with applicable laws
  • Having a policy that requires screening all adults against a national sex offender registry and written protocol for how to respond when adults are identified as registered sex offenders
  • Reporting the following events to Y-USA:
    • Allegations and/or criminal charges of child abuse, child sexual exploitation, or child sexual misconduct involving a current or former YMCA staff, volunteer, or member (including incidents related to the YMCA and outside of the YMCA)
    • Allegations of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or sexual misconduct between youth participants in attendance at a YMCA and/or enrolled in YMCA activities.

YMCAs have access to resources to assist them in meeting these requirements. Provided by and facilitated by Y-USA, these resources are accessible through Link, our internal knowledge-sharing platform for YMCA staff.

When WVY staff begin to suspect abuse or neglect, they are legally and ethically required to notify Child Protective Services (CPS) of suspected abuse. 

All WVY employees are required to cooperate fully with any investigation


The YMCA of the USA will annually review all child abuse prevention policies for relevance and will modify or rescind as appropriate. All staff will be notified during the next available annual training session if there are changes.

To view our full Child Abuse Prevention Policy or for more information regarding child abuse prevention please contact, Ashlee Baker, Child Care Director at (P)570-970-5039 or (E) [email protected]